Sorry to hear that Jamey my heart goes out to you, sadly people will never really understand until they’re in this boat. As I’m sure you know if they do they will be regretting making it even harder than it already is for people who truly need these kind of meds to even halfway function. I wish there were some noaddictive non narcotic meds that would help with sever pain…unfortunately there is not and I’ve been through it all, physical therapy, made it worst, surgery is not an option, had one of the top neurosurgeons in the country do MRI’s CT scans 3 months ago, was told it would only make it worst, been but on every other kind of med but narcotics whos side effects was 100x worst than any narcotic ever thought about being, even tried different kinds of weed, which was an extreme measure for me, it didn’t help wish to God it had so I wouldn’t have to deal with the Docs and the pharmacists and all the bs hoops you have to jump through just to get any type of narcotic, I’d quit taking them in a heartbeat if I could just so not to have to deal with the bs if I could live with it or there was anything else that did help. Hey ya know what though once they do finally make it impossible to get any opiates, the criminals in the DEA will be able to move the record amounts of heroin being made and stored in Afghanistan…then watch the overdose deaths climb! Guess there’s a bright side to everything to at least some huh?